5 Electrical Upgrades You Must Have This Fall

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • August 29, 2019

Pumpkin spice is in the air.

Here are some electrical upgrades you must have to enjoy fall in Northeast Ohio!

Fall in Geauga County Ohio is a magical time. The changing leaves are gorgeous, the parks are full of color, and, yes, the smell of pumpkin spice lattes waft through the air to remind you that fall has made its return. But, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to have a great fall, and with some simple electrical upgrades, you can have a wonderful season without leaving your property! So, here are some great electrical upgrades to help you enjoy the fall this year:

1. Add more outdoor electrical outlets.

Fall is a great time to enjoy the spaces outside of your home. The more outlets you have, the more opportunities you have to bring some of the creature comforts to the outdoor areas around your house. But, you also have some chores to do. If you have an electric-powered leaf blower or hedge trimmer, you know how annoying it can be to run extension cords from the garage to give yourself the cord length you need. You can put electrical outlets further into your property by using lighting posts so you can access power where you need it!

2. Speaking of lighting posts…

You can create some beautiful lightscapes in your landscaping as well as your driveway, patio, or any other space in your yard with lighting posts and other outdoor electrical receptacle options. Floodlights, driveway lights, and spotlights create pools of light that take your property from ‘blah’ to ‘wow!’

3. Install some dimmer switches indoors.

Fall is unique in that it starts to get dark earlier than in summer, but it’s not pitch black in the evening. This means that sometimes you need all of the lights on, but there are times when you don’t necessarily want them all off either. You need a middle ground, and that’s where a dimmer switch comes into play. You can control how much light you have in the home and even put them on a timer so the light adjusts as the sun goes down. Dimmer switches enrich your home in ways that you never knew you needed.

4. Get a generator plug/transfer switch.

Fall in Northeast Ohio brings storms and very high winds. High winds can bring in unexpected power outages. Blackouts can make for a cozy evening in, but they are not always the most convenient. A generator plug/transfer switch allows you to switch power for your house to a portable generator at a fraction of the cost of a whole-house generator. 

5. Upgrade your kitchen lighting.

Holiday parties are coming. Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are around the corner, and, this year, everyone is coming to your house! Under-cabinet lighting, drop lighting fixtures, and oversized metal fixtures are all the rage and are very useful. No more struggling to see into your drawers to find what you are looking for! It’s a better experience for the chef, as well as the visitors who are coming to the party!

Blue Collar Electricians is here to help with all of these great fall electrical upgrades, as well as any electrical repairs you need to be wrapped up before the snow flies! Call Blue Collar Electricians for all of your Northeast Ohio electrical upgrades and repairs!