Back to School: Fall Electrical Study Guide

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • August 14, 2019

It’s back-to-school time, and that means that we need to get re-educated on fall electrical maintenance tips. Summer fun is done, and we move from enjoying our outdoor spaces to our cocoons inside where we will remain until Mother Nature decides that Northeast Ohio has had enough of the white stuff. So, what do you need to do with your electrical items, wiring, and accessories to ensure that you and your family are safe and sound for winter? Take a look at our Fall Electrical Study Guide for some great tips:

Study Tip #1: Inspect Those Extension Cords.
The same cords you used for your outside fans, weed eaters, leaf blowers, and inflatable pools will return to action in winter when the Christmas lights come out. Before you store them for the fall, make sure that you don’t have tears, cracks, or splits in those extension cords. Throw them out and replace any that are damaged cords! Just a reminder that extension cords of any kind should ONLY be used as a temporary electrical solution.

Study Tip #2: Keep Outdoor Outlets Free from Leaves.
When the leaves dry up and fall off of the trees, they can blow all over your property. If they end up blowing up to electrical outlets, light fixtures or power cords, they could put you at risk of an electrical fire. Make sure you sweep them up and out of the way!

Study Tip #3: Test Your Smoke Alarms.
You’ll be using your indoor appliances more often, so test your smoke alarms to make sure that you’ll be ready if there are any unforeseen issues that can cause a spark in your home that turns into a fire! Make sure to clean your smoke detectors and have the batteries checked to ensure that they are operating properly.

Study Tip #4: Take a Look at Your Electric Blanket Cords.
As the temps get chillier throughout the fall, the warm comfort of an electric blanket becomes more and more appealing. But, many fires in Northeast Ohio are caused by faulty electric blankets. Check the cords for cracks and splits, and also check the connection between the cord and the power box or control box. If you see any damage, replace your blanket immediately.

Study Tip #5: Schedule an Electrical Inspection.
Fall is a great time to have a licensed electrician inspect both your interior and exterior electrical systems. This way you can address any problems before the weather turns cold and ensure that you don’t have any issues with electrical safety when the cold hits!

Blue Collar Electricians pass the test! Let us come out and take a look to troubleshoot any potential issues you might have. Did you find an issue? We are just a call away! Schedule your fall electrical inspection or repair today and find out why when it comes to electrical repairs in Northeast Ohio, we are at the top of the class!