Electrical Needs for Basement Renovations

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • October 5, 2020

Utilize an Electrician for a Safe, Successful Project

When temperatures drop and we all begin to spend more time indoors, many of us wish for more space. Many homeowners look to their basement to provide additional square footage for their families to enjoy. Basement renovations are very popular fall and winter home improvement projects and can add great value and function to your home.

If you are planning a basement renovation, have you thought about working with a professional electrician? You will find that there are many aspects of the renovation that will require electrical knowledge and experience, such as the following:

Electrical Wiring

It might be obvious, but during the renovation you will need to run electrical wiring through the walls. If you do not have any prior electrical experience, even simple wiring installation can be a bit scary and overwhelming. We always recommend that you work with a professional electrician to ensure the job is done safely and correctly. Why risk damage to your newly finished basement due to faulty wiring?


You will need to make sure you have installed the required number of outlets as specified by code. That may mean installing more outlets than you had originally desired or planned. If you have a professional electrician handle the electrical wiring, you might also ask him or her to install the outlets. Electricians know the residential building code requirements well and will make sure you are in compliance.


A well-lit basement can make your space feel just as bright and open as other areas of your home—you might forget you are even in the basement! Popular lighting options in basements range from classic LED ceiling lights to recessed lighting. Most professional electricians are experienced in the installation of any type of lighting you could want and will also provide guidance on the best type of lighting for your space.


Especially in Northeast Ohio, basements tend to be cooler than the rest of your home. Many homeowners look into heating options to make their basement a more comfortable place to be year round. If you are thinking of installing baseboard heating, radiant heat floors, or a different type of heat source, make sure you confer with a professional electrician. It is so important that your heating system be installed correctly the first time, so you do not risk potential damage later on.

The electricians at Blue Collar Electricians are here to help with your basement renovation project. We can provide all the electrical services you need to complete your project safely.