Electrical Upgrades for Your Mentor Home

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • April 17, 2020

Easy ways to improve your lifestyle. 


Mentor, Ohio is one of the fastest-growing communities in Northeast Ohio. It seems like homes are going daily, and the sprawling city is reaching further and further into the surrounding land at a rapid pace. But there is also a charming pocket of Mentor that has been around for a long time. Mentor has a legacy dating back to the times when President James A. Garfield walked the grounds at his historic Lawnfield estate which is now surrounded by commerce and industry on Mentor Avenue. There is history here in this city, and with that history, there comes a balance between keeping in line with tradition and pushing boundaries with more modern amenities.

There are many electrical upgrades in Mentor, Ohio that can be done to your home without losing its natural charm. At Blue Collar Electricians, we know how important nostalgia can be, but we also know how valuable it can be to upgrade electrical systems to make things easier and more adept for modern life. Here are some simple electrical upgrades we think would do nothing but improve your Mentor home: 

You could always use more outlets.

Many homes in Mentor were built when electricity was something on the rise but not nearly as vital to everyday life as we find it to be now. Adding outlets can make it easier to handle your day-to-day tasks and make your home more comfortable as well. 

Upgrade your electrical panel.

If you are having problems with your circuit breakers switching off or you need to add outlets as we mentioned above, it might be time to upgrade your electrical panel as well. You certainly don’t want to overload your panel and have a potential fire hazard on your hands. 

Install a generator.

Lake-effect snow. Mentor knows all about it. You also know that high winds and freezing temperatures can cause the occasional power outage. If you install a generator and a transfer switch, when the power goes out around you, your home will still be well lit and toasty!

Interior lighting upgrades.

Dimmer switches are great for ambiance, but they can also help you save on electrical bills. Switching to LED fixtures can help you make the move to more cost-effective lighting solutions. Kitchen lighting, like extra lighting above countertops or under shelves, can really provide nice accents for your Mentor living space. Get creative!

These are all easy upgrades if you’ve got the right team in place to help out! Blue Collar Electricians is ready to help you with electrical upgrades in Mentor, Ohio. Whether it’s being done for safety or style, our team has the expertise to do it right and the creative suggestions to help you find solutions that improve your home! Call us today!