How Can I Save Money On My Fall Energy Bill?

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • September 20, 2017

As the air in Northeast Ohio turns crisp and the leaves start swirling in the wind, we start to move indoors for the winter.  It only makes sense that our power consumption would increase during the fall, and in turn, our electric budget goes up incrementally.  Many times we are overlooking some very basic culprits that might be responsible for an unnecessary increase in our power expenses for fall.  Here are some things you can do to help cap those expenses this autumn:

Adjust your thermostat when you aren’t going to be around

If your thermostat is running all day, you’re going to pay for it on your electric bill.  If you turn it down 10 degrees or so during the day while you’re at work, it can translate to as much as a 10% decrease on your next power bill.

Check your insulation

You might need an expert to help with this one, but if your insulation is inadequate, you can once again be letting money slip through the cracks. Again, a thermostat that runs more than it needs to is a huge drain on your electric bill, and your bank account.

Seal leaks around doors and windows

There are relatively inexpensive kits available to seal up your doors and windows for cold weather.  Each gap you fill puts money right back into your checking account. Exercising this practice in your attic alone can add up to huge savings.

 Get your heating system serviced

Your furnace needs to be cleaned every fall, as does your chimney.  If your filters are dirty, your furnace may be working too hard, and you guessed it, running up your power bill.

Put a damper on your fireplace

They look great and if they are used properly, they can reduce the strain put on your electric bill by your furnace.  But if you don’t close the damper when you aren’t using the fireplace, there is no escape route more welcoming for hot air.  For every dollar you save when the fire is lit, you’re letting many more fly through the chimney when it isn’t sealed.

Remove window air conditioners

In many of Northeast Ohio’s older homes, these window units are a staple.  You need them to survive through our hot August temperatures.  But once the temperature dips, it’s time to take them out.  Even covering them with a blanket or towel is ineffective.  The best practice is to remove them completely and seal that window.

Make sure your electrical outlets are sealed

Newer homes will often have an electrical set up that includes gaskets or foam insulation around the outlet box.  But even those modern outlets will benefit from having plastic safety plugs inserted into the holes to prevent warm air from escaping.

Uncover your vents

It’s easy to forget about your heat vents in the summer.  Sometimes furniture will move out of position and block the vents.  Children’s toys are another source of vent blockage.  Check the vents in all of your home’s rooms, including the basement, to make sure they are all open and free of clutter.

Make sure you turn off those outside lights or put them on timers

Your home might benefit from having outside flood lights or driveway lighting.  While they look beautiful and have security benefits, keeping them on all night can get expensive.  Your best bet is to put them on a timer.  When you go to bed, they can too.

Blue Collar Electricians is available for your fall electrical needs.  We do it all, from helping you brighten up the exterior of your home for the long winter nights, to making sure your home has the most efficient power possible. Contact our full service electrical experts today to find out how we can help your home reach its highest possible level of energy efficiency.