Summer 2019 Patio Lighting Trends for Akron

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • June 3, 2019

The fireflies are back, Akron.

It’s the time of year we all look forward to in Akron. There is nothing better than sitting out on your patio, listening to serenading crickets, and enjoying the smell of fresh air while gazing up at the stars. It’s also that time of year to update your lighting to enhance that patio experience. So, let’s light up the night, Akron! Here are some great lighting tips for Northeast Ohio!

What’s new in patio lighting? It’s both technology and the environment. Take a look at some of these patio lighting trends for summer 2019:

1. Smart Lighting
Control your lighting right from your phone! You can buy various fixtures and bulbs that can be controlled by your smartphone. That can make it easy to match moods with lighting enhancement. The switch is relatively inexpensive, and there is nothing better than dimming the lights without getting out of your hammock!

2. Green Fixtures
More and more people are cutting plastics and metals out of their outdoor fixtures. There are some stunning new bamboo and wood fixtures that look great. There are even paper lantern-style fixtures that are biodegradable.

3. A Touch of Italy
Manufacturers are really starting to do some great things with string lights. They are now being adorned with glass globes and Edison lighting to add charm to their utility. They can also be used to light walkways from above in lieu of traditional post and foot lighting.

4. Better LED Lights
Once thought to be expensive and even unsafe, LED lighting is now a great option for your outdoor space. They are even being used in some underwater applications. They can save you lots of money over time and are great for your patio space.

5. The Rainbow Connection
Move over, sunsets – we’ve got a new way to dazzle with color outdoors! Thanks to innovation in LED technology, colored lighting is easy to obtain and can again be controlled with an app. This is a fun way to light up the night next time you entertain!

Is your outdoor electrical system ready for summer? Do you need some additional outlets to help your patio vision come to life? Well, Blue Collar Electricians is ready to help make your patio the envy of the neighborhood this summer. Contact us today, and let’s see how we can turn your backyard into summer magic!