Typical Reasons to Call an Electrician in Stow

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • June 2, 2020

Typical Reasons to Call an Electrician in Stow, Ohio

Why Your Neighbors in Stow Are Calling Blue Collar Electricians


We live in a do-it-yourself world. It seems like there are many issues that you can solve for yourself by watching a video or reading a blog, but electrical repairs do not fall under that category. They are extremely dangerous, and the electricians that visit your home in Stow are experts in what they do (and that includes keeping themselves safe). 

Here at Blue Collar Electricians, we are very proud of the electrical repairs and upgrades we provide in Stow, Ohio. So, what are your neighbors calling us to fix around the house? Here’s a look at some common reasons for electrical repair service visits in Stow:

Flickering Lights

When the lights flicker during a storm, the issue might be something to do with the city’s power. When they flicker under normal circumstances or when other appliances are running, that could be indicative of a bigger problem. Many of the calls we get from our neighbors in Stow are about flickering lights.

Not Enough Outlets

Stow has some really beautiful older homes, but unfortunately, they weren’t all equipped with great power outlet layouts. Many of our Stow customers call us because they have power strips all over the house, with many plugs in each, and they are concerned about electrical overload. We often get called to add additional power outlets.

Blown Fuses

Many of those older homes have antiquated fuse boxes that are not equipped to handle today’s electrical power needs. Tripped circuits or blown fuses can be an indicator of a bigger issue, so we get called to repair fuse boxes often.

Grounding Issues

When looking around the home, you might notice that you have many two-pronged plugs. This is the case for many Stow-area homes, and that means that the house may not be grounded properly. We often come out for electrical inspections of Stow homes and realize that there are grounding issues that need to be addressed.

Hot Switches

We get many electrical repair calls that are asking us to check out outlets and switches that are hot or warm to the touch. On occasion, we will get called out to a home where there is a switch giving a mild shock to the person touching it, so we are on the case to repair or replace electrical switches.

Whatever the reason you have for calling an electrician in Stow, choose Blue Collar Electricians! We are available to repair or replace electrical boxes, fuse boxes, switches, wiring – you name it! If you’ve got an electrical need, we look forward to being the electrician you call to get the job done.