Why You Need a Spring Electrical Inspection

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • May 2, 2019

Old Man Winter came and went in Geauga County

Now it’s time to assess the damage!

Sometimes it can be hard to discern whether we had a mild or hard winter in Geauga County. All we can say for certain is that winter came and went. It certainly left its mark as it always does. Old Man Winter usually doesn’t leave quietly. There is often a trail of damage in his wake. From trees and power lines that have fallen to damaged concrete and paint, it’s not hard to tell he’s made his presence felt.

In Geauga County, Old Man Winter can have a particularly hard impact on your home’s electrical system. Many forego a spring inspection and assume that since they made it through last winter unscathed, this winter will be no different. Well, we would like to change your mind. Here are some reasons why spring inspections are important for your home’s electrical health:

1. Space heaters take a toll.
Geauga County is home to some beautiful older residences. Because those older homes don’t always come equipped with the best heating and cooling systems, many homeowners turn to space heaters to keep warm. While a space heater should really have its own dedicated circuit, many are plugged into the wall receptacle or even a power cord with multiple items. This can cause stress on circuits. That can ultimately lead to failure or even a fire.

2.Older wiring is a leading suspect in house fires.
If you own a home that has older wiring, especially aluminum wiring, you could be at risk for fire. As the winters pass, we are using more and more electrical devices to heat the home and to entertain ourselves during the winter. That means that with each passing season, your wiring is more and more likely to fail. At some point, you’ll need to upgrade. Let us help you determine if this is that year?

3. Snow is water – and water doesn’t mix well with electricity.
The moisture that comes with thawing snow and the stress of freezing and thawing water can cause damage to even brand-new electrical systems. Wires damaged from corrosion can be more susceptible to fires.

4. Spring improvements shouldn’t be done without an inspection.
Last month we talked about installing your new hot tub, and that might be just one of many improvement projects you have slated this spring. The truth is: no renovation project should kick off without an inspection. Skipping that step now could lead to fire and danger later, so it just makes sense to get your system checked out now rather than waiting.

Blue Collar Electricians is here to help. No one knows Geauga County’s diverse electrical systems like we do. From your farmhouse to your new home on a cul-de-sac and from your small business to your large commercial property, we know just what to look for to help you protect your home or business from electrical fires and damage. Contact us today and set up your spring electrical inspection.