Why You Need an Electrician When Installing an Above-Ground Pool

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • August 24, 2020

Call a Professional to Safely Perform All Electrical Work

This summer, as we continue to socially distance while beating the Northeast Ohio heat, many homeowners are taking the plunge and splurging on the installation of a new pool. Above-ground pools are particularly popular, as the installation and maintenance costs are typically less expensive than inground pools. 

As you get ready to trade in that inflatable pool or water slide for an above-ground pool, you will notice one key difference: An above-ground pool will require electrical installation. Pool pumps, which pump the water from the pool through the filter, use a lot of electricity, and that often requires the installation of a dedicated circuit. 

While you may not be a certified electrician, you probably know that water and electricity are not a great combination. You may be tempted to handle the electric installation yourself, but you would be risking your personal safety. Pool pump installation requires digging a trench for the wiring, performing electrical bonding (which helps prevent electrical shock incidents), running a conduit from the electrical box to the trench, and more—sounds complex, right? Leave it to the professionals.

You should also be aware that in most cities and townships, there are very specific electrical guidelines for above-ground residential pools. Certified electricians understand these guidelines and can make sure you are in compliance—and that you and your family can safely enjoy your new swimming pool.

When you are preparing your above-ground pool installation, we recommend bringing in the assistance of a certified electrician. He or she can handle all of the wiring and electrical installation needs to get the job done right from the beginning and prevent any issues in the future.

Are you planning to install an above-ground pool? Call Blue Collar Electricians to ensure the electrical installation is completed safely and accurately. We are also available to assess existing above-ground pool wiring and make any necessary repairs.