Why You Should Not Install Your Own Ceiling Fan

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • July 20, 2020

Leave This Job to the Pros at Blue Collar Electricians


Nothing beats enjoying a beautiful breeze while relaxing in your Streetsboro home on a hot summer day – well, almost nothing. It’s tough to beat amplifying that breeze or creating one when the winds die down with a ceiling fan! Whether it’s in your living room, your screened-in porch, or your bedroom to keep you cool at night, ceiling fans can make a hot day tolerable, and we all need that in the summer. 

So, a ceiling fan sounds great, but installing one isn’t easy. Many weekend warriors will try this summer, and many will fall short of getting it installed safely and correctly. While installing a ceiling fan may look like a piece of cake, it is not as easy as it would seem and should not be done by anyone but a professional. Here are some hidden dangers you might encounter while trying to install your own ceiling fan:

There is a ladder involved!

If you aren’t used to working on step ladders or larger ladders, it’s not easy. If you have any issues with balance, this can be particularly dangerous. You also have to work with your hands extended above your head, and that can pose problems as well. If you have any shoulder or arm injuries, doing so might even be impossible, and it also can put pressure on your head and neck areas. 

If the installation isn’t done right, that fan can come crashing down.

A wobbly ceiling fan is annoying and can even do damage to your ceiling. When that wobbly ceiling fan breaks loose from its support, it can come crashing down and damage people and property! The thing about a crashing ceiling fan is that it doesn’t give an advanced warning when it falls. It happens far more often than you would think, and the common cause is poor installation.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

If you aren’t an expert with electrical wiring, you should absolutely not attempt to install your own ceiling fan. You put yourself in danger of electrocution during the installation process. If that’s not scary enough, you could be putting your loved ones at risk long after that installation process.

If you are installing a ceiling fan where there hasn’t been one in the past, the wiring can be very complex, and what seems like a simple install can get complicated quickly. Even if you are replacing a fan in an existing fixture, small errors in wiring can lead to long-term complications, and as with any faulty wiring, this can lead to issues with performance or even lead to a fire. It’s simply not worth the risk.

At Blue Collar Electricians, we are experts at performing complicated electrical tasks like installing a ceiling fan. Why risk damage to your home or yourself by trying to be a weekend DIY hero? Let us handle it! Call us today and get ready for a breezier summer in Streetsboro this year.