Electrical Tasks You Probably Shouldn’t Do Yourself

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • November 6, 2020

Leave These Projects to the Professionals

We understand the popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) home projects. It can be satisfying to do the hands-on work and transform a space in your house! However, in most cases, the label “DIY” should not be applied to electrical tasks. While some DIY tasks, like painting, are forgiving, electricity is certainly not. It is either done correctly or incorrectly—and if it is done incorrectly, the consequences can be dangerous.

If any of these electrical projects are on your to-do list, please call a professional electrician.

Installing a New Ceiling Fan

You might not think of this as a complicated job, but we guarantee, once you get started, you’ll change your mind. It is very tricky to balance on a ladder, hold the weight of a heavy ceiling fan, and properly connect the wiring. Blue Collar Electricians responds to calls for new ceiling fan installation throughout our Cleveland service area regularly. When we take on the job, you can relax knowing that we’ll have your new fan installed—safely and correctly—in no time.

Installing a New Light Fixture

This is a similar scenario to installing a new ceiling fan. The difference is that sometimes new lights need to be installed in very inconvenient locations, such as over an open staircase or at the peak of a very high ceiling. An improperly installed light fixture can overheat or potentially shock anyone who touches the bulb during the installation. Some homeowners also try to install a different type of light with a higher wattage than is recommended. When you call an electrician, he or she can help guide your choice of light fixture and make sure the wattage is appropriate.


In general, any project that involves wiring should be handled by an experienced electrician. Wiring can get extremely messy and be confusing to the untrained eye. This is particularly true if you are trying to “undo” improper wiring or finish an electrical job that was left undone by a previous homeowner. Do not risk your safety; call the professionals instead.

Electrical Code Corrections

In the United States, all electrical work must adhere to the National Electric Code (NEC), which is a set of safety standards for electrical installation and repair. You may find out that your home is in violation of code for a number of reasons. Perhaps an unskilled technician handled the job improperly or your older Beachwood home is simply outdated. No matter the reason, do not try to make an electrical code correction on your own. A professional electrician can identify and correct any code violation, including a faulty electrical panel, overloaded circuit, or incorrectly sized wiring.

Remember, if you need assistance with any of these types of electrical projects, Blue Collar Electricians is only a phone call away and available to serve clients across Greater Cleveland. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.