Home Improvement Projects Requiring an Electrician

  • Blue Collar Electricians
  • September 14, 2020

How a Professional Electrician Can Help Your Project Be a Success

Are you planning to tackle some projects at your Cleveland home this fall? While your first thoughts during project planning may not be to call your local electrician, we highly recommend you do so. There are many worthy DIY home projects, but most will require you to work with your home’s electric system and wiring in some capacity, and that means it’s time to call in a professional. 

Remember that when it comes to handling electrical installations for any of these home improvement projects, it’s best to stick with the professionals for the safety of you, your family, and your home.  

Installing a Pool Heater

As the evening temperatures along Lake Erie start to cool, you may be tempted to heat your pool so you can enjoy the outdoors longer into the fall. Sounds great to us! Just keep in mind that pool heater installations, similar to pool pump installations, require electrical wiring and electric connection hookups in order for it to work properly. Professional electricians like Blue Collar Electricians have the knowledge to safely install your pool heater. You can just focus on enjoying your newly heated pool!

Hanging a Ceiling Fan

You may be tempted to hang a ceiling fan yourself but remember that fan installation requires knowledge of electric wiring, the ability to balance on a ladder, and the ability to work with your hands above your head for an extended period. And if you lose your balance, you risk a large, heavy structure crashing to the ground! We always recommend that homeowners opt for calling an electrician rather than trying to install a ceiling fan on your own. Our team will happily take down or install a new ceiling fan or other light structure. 

Renovating a Bathroom

This has been a popular home improvement project for Northeast Ohioans, especially during quarantine. While many aspects of a bathroom reno can be “DIY”—like painting walls and cabinets or installing new cabinet hardware—the electrical components should not. Most of your new bathroom renovation will involve aesthetic changes, but there is still work that needs to happen “behind the scenes,” specifically with electrical wiring. Our team can help you assess whether your existing circuit panel can handle any additional electricity from your new bathroom or install an additional panel if needed. We can also handle any electrical work needed for installing new light fixtures or bathroom fans.

Upgrading Your Deck

Aside from buying new furniture or outdoor decor, many homeowners are opting to run electricity to their decks to hang string lights, install lighting fixtures, or even power a television or stereo system. We recommend bringing in a professional electrician to help you execute your deck improvements to ensure any new wiring is installed correctly and safely.

Before you start your next home improvement project, think about which aspects of the job would be better handled by a professional electrician. Working with Blue Collar Electricians from the start can save you time and headaches down the road. Fill us in on your project and let us know how our electrical services can help! Don’t forget to check out our available coupons before you call.